Spring pastels and blog makeover

Yesterday was the March equinox which means it is officially spring in the Northern hemisphere! Three cheers!

Perfect pastels for spring.
Photography by Zee Longenecker. Charming, timeless, nostalgic.
To buy Zee’s delightful prints, visit her Etsy shop HeyZee.

You may have noticed, I have given my blog a bit of a makeover. I have been rather drawn to bright colours against a white backdrop lately, so that’s the direction I’ve taken. It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress so there may be a few more tweaks. If you follow this blog on an RSS reader or via email, do pop over and check out the new look – I’d love to know what you think.

As some of you know, I recently decided to dip my big toe into the phenomenon that is Facebook. A great big bear hug and thank you to everyone who has ‘liked’ my page so far. Sometimes I come across astounding things that I want to share with you beautiful people, but the material isn’t always sufficient for a whole post, so I will share such things on my Facebook page. If you want to see even more gorgeous goodies and perhaps even have a bit of a banter, all you have to do is go to my Facebook page and click the ‘Like’ button – easy peasy. I would be most honoured to have your company there too.

Cheers, medears. Have a great Monday and a super week ahead!




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19 responses to “Spring pastels and blog makeover

  1. Great fresh new look! Have a great week!

  2. Your new blog look is gorgeous…have a great day!

  3. The new look is gorgeous! I love the images you chose for your header, especially the second one of the cushion and velvet settee… *swoon*

    I really need to use my Facebook page the same way, will definitely keep my eye out for little gems you are posting about 🙂

    Have a fabulous Monday lovely x

  4. meera, i love the makeover. it’s brilliant. and these images today perfectly say spring! about facebook: i had fun with it for a time but my love for banter + obsessive tendencies = too much unproductive time spent. but i will “like you” in a real uncyber way, okay?


  5. Meera,

    The more I come to your blog, the more I fall in love with it. You’re a wise woman!

    Have a Beautiful Spring!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. Ooooh, I’m liking your new fancy-pants blog!! I thought there was somethign different the moment I arrived but couldn’t put my figer on what it was!!

    Thank you SO much (again) for posting my blog on Facebook. It was SUCH a lovely surprise to see it there this morning.


  7. Love the new look – so springy!! xo

  8. Hi Meera, I just came across your blog so have no idea what it looked like before but thought I’d just pop in to say that it looks really lovely!!! and now that I found it, I’ll be visiting often!!!

  9. You are on a roll my friend! Adore your style, your design eye and YOU!

    Warm hugs,


  10. What a great new look…love the new banner!! Hope you have a great weekend ~

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