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Have you ever been asked to describe your style? Some of you may have the answer down to a perfect little label, but for others (like me) does it turn out to be a long-winded answer as you attempt to explain the different elements that make up your personal eclectic style?

(I see some of you nodding.)

Then you want to check out the fabulous style quiz at Sproost. You get to rank a series of random images on a scale of Love to Hate, then it works out the combination of your 3 main styles. Pretty snazzy.

My result was a mix of:


with a dash of

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was by this result because it is SPOT ON! Before discovering this quiz, my long-winded description of my style was along the lines of “comfort and homeliness with a little touch of luxury… eclectic and timeless mix of pieces that seem to tell a story… rustic with soft industrial touches combined with elements of French design… industrial pendants above the kitchen island and a large yellow chandelier (yes, yellow) in the living room… mix of textures – velvet and weathered timber, linen and crystal… ” etc etc. See? Spot on.

I can tell you’re already heading over to the style quiz. Aren’t quizzes fun?! :). Do let me know your result! Is it what you expected?

bombdiggity: {adj} – A description of something that is better then excellent, great, good, amazing, etc.


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22 responses to “Style Quiz

  1. Oh my god I love quizzes and I KNEW we had incredibly similar taste in interiors! I got French Eclectic (50%), Hollywood Couture (25%) and Modern Elegance (25%) (the only one I wasn’t entirely sure about if I’m honest!). The first two, however, spot on!

    I could never quite articulate in a concise manner what my style was so I had to do an entire post about it ( I quite like this though, so much quicker and easier lol

    And thank you for your kind comments on my post – I almost didn’t share it, it’s so not ready yet 😉 xxx

    • I think they should rename Modern Elegance to Transitional Style (because what they’re talking about with that style is mixing old and new with effortless elegance).

      OMG how fun, we do have very similar styles! I love that post of yours, I was nodding all the way! I always knew you were cool 😉


  2. Quizzes are inspirational. I was not surprised by my results ~ Cottage Chic (50%) and then equal parts Traditional Country and Wine Country Style.

    I recently moved from Seattle to Chicago. A great time to get rid of everything that I no longer like and pick up a few bits and pieces for my Cottage/traditional/wine apartment.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Ooh, that was fun! I’m Rustic Revival – ‘spot on’!

  4. I’m rather ashamed to admit that I did it about four times and each time it gave me a different answer. I think I must have fallen prey to being undecided on too many of the pictures.

    I love the answer it gave you. That’s what I want!!


  5. that was fun! i am nantucket, cottage chic, and classic. i think they got it right except ‘beachy’ is more accurate than nantucket.

    gonna go wiggle my toes in the sand now…NOT.

    have an inspiring weekend, lovely Meera.


  6. Thanks so much for sharing this. I was starting to despair there was nothing I was totally going to love. Until finally – 100% French eclectic. I’m never 100% anything in quizzes, so a new first for me. It was pretty much right.

    Lisa x

  7. I am going to go check it out too, see if it is spot on for me.
    Your style looks lovely and fun, too!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. You and I have lots in common missy!

  9. I really enjoyed this ! I got 43% cottage chic, 29% rustic revival and 28% vintage modern. Think this quite sums me up!!
    Have a lovely weekend Meera xo

  10. C

    When I did this, I got equal parts of Vintage Modern and Contemporary, with a side order of Cottage Chic. This makes me sound a bit schizophrenic, which I’m not. And nor am I.

    Maybe there should be an “eclectic” style? Still, I think it did a pretty good job of pointing me towards the things I do and don’t like, and it was a bit of fun into the bargain!

  11. Sue

    How fun! I got a mix of Rustic Revival, Vintage Modern and Zen! I like this quiz, it’s made me think more about my style. Have a great weekend, Meera! xxxx

  12. so much fun!! i got vintage modern (who knew) , french eclectic & rustic…fun.

  13. It’s wonderful seeing what everyone’s styles are, I feel like I know you lovely people a little better 🙂

  14. What lovely eclectic taste you have. I’m betting mine will be equally eclectic – I’m off now to try the quiz.

  15. Hello Meera!

    I’ve just nominated you with the “Stylish Blog Award”.

    Drop by my blog to take a look.


    Luciane at

  16. I got 100% Zen. 😛
    What I would describe myself as is “Ethnic Fusion” (usually of South-East Asian: such as tropical Thai, Bali, Malaysian, etc. influences combined with African influences) mixed with luxury (hotel-suite-feel) “Contemporary Modern.” ^o^

    This is a great blog by the way!

  17. Shanthi

    hmmm Strange we could not decide your style – was the answer I got when I took this quiz 😦 . Can someone help me out?

  18. Shanthi

    “hmm … that’s odd we could not define your style” it said again. Wait wait wait I am confused now – but Meera I seem to be liking all that you are displaying here 🙂

  19. caz

    Just completed the quiz, my results were 50% French eclectic, 33% Hollywood couture & 17% Traditional country. The description of these styles are spot on!

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