Midweek muse: Things we love

I just came across this charming, creative and lovely e-book – THINGS WE LOVE by Kate Spade. Click on it and enjoy a few moments of philosophical procrastination this Wednesday. =)




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11 responses to “Midweek muse: Things we love

  1. thnks for sharing..will check it out.

  2. philosophical procrastination…um…GENIUS! don’t mind if i do take a moment or twenty. thanks for introducing me to this book.

    and you made my day with your comments today! thank you for your support and kindness, Meera.


  3. *sigh* I was all ready to throw myself into philosophical procrastination and alas, I’m getting a 404 Error. I wonder if work knows I’m looking at things I ought not. Will have to try again when I get home xxx

  4. Oh dang! Thanks for alerting me Red! It seems that between morning when I posted this, and now, they’ve changed the website and removed the link to the book! WAIL!!

    I shall have to correct this post pronto!

  5. Ok, done. Found the new link to the book and updated the post.

  6. Oh so fabulous, thank you for updating the link! (Is it weird my favourite was the sticky notes?) xxx

    • Not at all! I’m the same =) C has given up on trying to cure my sticky notes fixation and just shrugs now. How can he not understand why I NEED a drawer full of sticky notes! I use them ALL THE TIME! 😆

  7. I couldn’t get it to work. *sob* I went to their site and it just had a blank page.

    If I had a pound for every time I was frustrated with my computer, I’d have every pound that ever was!!


  8. Thank you for sending that through. I really love the heart doodle.
    With the cut-out heart. So pretty!

    By the way, I just popped over to your Interior Design website. It’s LOVELY! Wow! A real-life interior designer!

    Will you ever post about your day-to-day work? I’d love to hear more about what you do.


    • Aww thank you, my lovely! Yup, a real-life interior designer 🙂

      You know how some bloggers never publicly talk their families? I feel a bit like that about my work. Many of my clients read my blog, and even if I wrote about my work anonymously, they would know if I was talking about their project and I wouldn’t want them to feel I don’t respect their privacy (even if I was only saying good stuff!) so I tend to not mention work here too much. I have occasionally referenced work in general in previous posts, and if I explicitly get permission to talk about a project that I’m excited about, then I’ll probably mention it.

      My day-to-day work? Well, most days comprise of driving around and running around in my heels – fantastic way of staying in shape! 😉

  9. I have been drooling over this for weeks, too. My fave, “Throwing confetti.” Perfection!


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