Bookish spaces


I just found out that last Thursday was World Book Day. A day for books? How wonderful! Did you know about this?

Well, I love books. And shelves filled with books. Home libraries bring so much character to a space, whether they are bright and airy, or dark and cosy, or colourful and quirky.

How do you display your collection of books?

Do you have a large collection…

or a cute little corner?

C and I have more books than we have space to display them so I am always looking for inspiration to figure out ways to display ours in the space we’ve got.

Here are some lovely bookish spaces that have been floating around in my inspiration library…

Such an artful display

White walls, white floors, white furniture + lots of colour through books & art = stunning!

Again, gorgeous colours through books and art

And again! I could be very happy here on the plump cushions, lost in a book

Love the idea of painting some of the shelves in a contrasting colour

Turquoise hit!

There’s the option to draw the lovely green curtain to conceal the bookcase, but I wouldn’t, it looks lovely just the way it is.

Have you ever seen anything more charming??

All that magnificent teal… of course I had to feature it!

Love this home library, what an amazing space!
Although, I’m a little undecided about sitting on a cow hide. Assuming the seat is covered in nice fabric, I’d be quite happy with just some cutesy cushions. What would you do?

Do you have a home library / reading corner?

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15 responses to “Bookish spaces

  1. realanonymousgirl2011

    I wish we had space in our home for a wall full of books. I dream of one day having an office with 2-3 walls of bookshelves and one of those ladders to reach the books on the top!

  2. We have three bookshelves round and about our house but I’d LOVE to have a gorgeous space like these with a huge plumptious chair to sink inot. Bliss!


  3. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. love em so much. they are scattered about our place but not on our shelves! isn’t that strange? i have never been able to artfully arrange them where i could stand to look at them (allergic to clutter). but i do like short stacks of design books on a round table in the entry.

    wonderful post, Meera! i love your blog sooooo much.


  4. Meera, I get totally nervous if I don’t see books in a home! In Sweden (motherland) we display books. ALL books! In the US people tend to avoid showing them (or – horror! – perhaps people don’t read) for whatever reason.

    I think books and art bring so much personality to a home.

    You are showing several of my all time favorites here! I constantly go back to that image with the tall galvanized book shelves and the white 2-seater. Swoon!

    Warm hugs to you,


  5. It would be heaven to have my own library like these pictures… unfortunately my own book shelves aren’t as extensive! They’re filled with I.T. books (my boyfriends’) and home/fashion magazines (mine). My brother has an amazing library corner in his house, with a comfy chair and plenty of books to get lost in… I always make a beeline for it whenever I visit 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I wish my office looked like one of these spaces!

  7. C

    My ideal library will look a lot like the first picture, except not quite as high! It’ll have a vintage drinks globe in it, a big easy chair, oak desk, etc. And one of the shelves will be a hidden door to a secret room or wine cellar, accessible when you pull on a copy of Peter Pan.

  8. Hi Meera,

    I’ve been thinking about cow hides today – all thanks to you!!! I think I might have gone the faux fur throw instead. Cow hides aren’t that warm, I don’t think….I’d like something a bit more snuggly.


  9. hi..wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my blogging now post. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your words, and speak your truth…i am truly thankful…tamara

  10. It’s great to see we’re a like-minded book-loving bunch, my husband included! 🙂

    Sarah – yes yes yes, a snuggly faux fur throw would be PERFECT there!

    Meera xx

  11. Oh I love these images! We have two little measley shelves in our home office and they are not so artfully displayed as sort of just thrown there 😉 W was not an avid book reader when we met although I am slowly breaking him in! Most of my book collection was sadly left behind when I moved to the UK but I am determined to increase our rather small collection. Someday, someday perhaps will I have something so incredibly lovely. Oh to steal away in a book in a cozy chair, there’s nothing else like it…


    • Aww, that’s a shame you had to leave your book collection behind. But there will be plenty of satisfaction as you grow your collection again! We’re all aspiring to a space like one of these. Yes, there really is nothing else like it! xxx

  12. Sue

    That large library is crazy! I really like that patchwork chair, wouldn’t mind one of those near our little bookshelves 🙂

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