Decadent loo

Imagine you are given an assignment to design a loo (WC, lavatory, comfort station… whatever you want to call it) and the key phrases to guide you in your design are ‘feminine with a twist’, ‘indulgent’ and ‘a little bit over the top’.

Could you beat this??


More like ‘feminine with a tassel-twist’ 😛

Happy weekend, my lovelies!




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7 responses to “Decadent loo

  1. ooooooh i’d love that assignment! i immediately think hot lipstick colors. and maybe some gilding. and i’m looking at Vogue and watching MARIE ANTOINETTE!

    have a great weekend, Meera. always so nice to hear from you!


  2. I really like it….apart from that lamp in the middle of the room. That seems weird placing to me. But LOVE the hot pink. Yeah, Baby!


  3. Meera,

    Wow! Really? This is it, huh? 🙂

    I wouldn’t have it at home, but if I got to see this in person I know I’d be shocked and interested at the same time. Very unique and I like that!

    Have a Great Weekend, my friend!


    Luciane at

  4. Gorgeous Image! This sounds like the best project 🙂 happy weekend x

  5. When C saw this picture, his first reaction was “Is the chair there for someone to sit and watch?” hahahaha!

    Sarah – I am also puzzled by the lamp!

  6. Wowza now that is one posh loo

  7. Let’s be honest. This would be tough to beat. How decadent.


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