Just add art

Hooray it’s March! Spring is just around the corner, even if it is 3°C today. So shall we talk bright colours? 😎

Bright art, in particular.

If you’re thinking of brightening your space up without redecorating, think art. No matter how muted, calm or neutral a space is, adding a bold-coloured art piece has an incredibly transformative and uplifting power.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Here is a quiet neutral space –

This is what happens when you add funky art and say abracadabra!


Case made 🙂

I’ll let you enjoy the rest of the images without any more of my jibber jabber…

S. R. Gambrel

The Design Files


Decorati Access

Style At Home

Alluring Interiors

Design Crisis


Are you feeling the bright art?




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12 responses to “Just add art

  1. Oh, but I *like* your chatting…

    I think art is the perfect way to introduce bolder touches of colour. I REALLY like the first two pictures you’ve shown of a before and after. It does make a huuuuuuuge difference, you’re so right.


  2. Morning beautiful Meera!

    i’m soooo feeling bright art. i love so many of these paintings, esp the alluring interiors one. makes me want to paint my walls gallery white! (i think the gnarly basement will be mainly white walls so i’ll get my fix.)

    thanks for the great cheap chic tip! we’re def cut of the same cloth since my guys have had their stuff in old crates for years and years! boys LOVE old wooden boxes.


    • Hello lovely Michele! There’s something about white walls and bright art that really speaks to me too.

      Ha, yes, crates and dens/forts is all a boy needs, I hear. Maybe throw in a bean bag. All the better if the den is a shipping container! Ever since I read your post, I really really want one too!


  3. Yes! I’m soooo ready for some sunshine… but to be realistic I won’t get warm weather until late April… Did I tell you I live in Canada? 🙂

    Gorgeous pictures… Happy pictures, actually!

    Have a great day, my friend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  4. Oh wow – i almost didnt realise the before and after was the same space! I’m all for this as i love colour ! Great post xo

  5. ‘Style At Home’ pic should just be called ‘My Home’ – I could move right in

  6. Oh your point is SO well made! I love the photoshop magic 🙂 I am keen to get some gorgeous art for my walls but to be absolutely honest, I have no clue where in the UK to look for affordable pieces. Any suggestions? Would love to hear of any secrets you may have 😉

    (I promise I won’t tell anyone shhhh)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, darlin! xxx

  7. GB

    My first time here, Meera (found your blog via Shanti’s). I like what I see!!! Big fan of eye-catching art, it really makes the room!

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