Dare you join the dark side?

Before we see everything turning light and bright from March, while it’s still February shall we drool over some dark wall drama?

Elle Decor

Katarina Malmstrom Brown Photography, via desire to inspire

Laure Joliet Photography

delight by design

delight by design

Abigail Ahern

Apartment Therapy

Hmmm, are you seduced by the cocooning feel of dark walls?




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9 responses to “Dare you join the dark side?

  1. I love the drama and sensual feel to these dark spaces. Great post!

  2. HA! yes, seduced. just look at what’s in my post today! oooooh i love these images and the idea of cozying down in a cocoon. t’would be quite a diversion from how i live now!


  3. Yes Always! I love how dark colours create such dramatic moods to a room. Great post as always

    Amanda xxx

  4. Anya

    I am seduced. I have been toying with the idea of painting my snug a dark colour, the more I think about it, the more I want to go dark! Like the idea of a cocooning feeling. I was considering dark grey but love that dark teal in the last picture!

  5. Hello Meera,

    Thank you for visiting my blog so that I could find you! You have a great design eye, I can see, and I love your style!

    I am a Swede at heart, so I crave light (and light colors) but I love dark colors in smaller rooms – library, guest room, powder room etc. Small jewel boxes!

    I am your latest follower.

    Let’s stay in touch.

    ox, Mon

  6. Great to see everyone seduced 😉 I like main living areas to be light, but love dark walls in small rooms like those that Anya and Mon have mentioned. Mon, small jewel boxes is such a great depiction!

    Meera xx

  7. Definitely seduced and love the images you’ve chosen! I love the dark grey in my dining room and am very very tempted to go with something equally as dramatic in my bedroom. Have to agree with Anya – that dark teal is seriously sensual (say that 3 x fast) xxx

  8. I am really lusting for some dark wall drama of my own. I want to paint my bedroom walls charcoal gray…unfortunately my land lord says ‘No!’. Boo.


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