Attention to detail

via House of Turquoise


What do you think came first, the scalloped stair-wall or the scalloped tufted upholstery?

Such gracious perfection… swoon!




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6 responses to “Attention to detail

  1. Ally

    >drool!< That is so lovely and perfect!

  2. Isn’t that cool? I love the way they echo each other. I reckon the chair-thing came first.

    And I LOVE the rug-makeover in the post below.

    You find such cool things to post.


  3. Sue

    Woww! Who thought of such detail?! I also think the seating came first. Fabulous! Sue x

  4. i think stairs came first, and i love this idea because at the construction stage it wouldn’t be costly to do yet it packs such a punch. i am very bored with staircases and wish we could have talked our builder into thinking outside of the box.

    have a great day, my friend.


  5. Ooh yes – this looks great xo

  6. This must’ve been planned together… that’s what you call forward-thinking!! Scallop-shape the stair wall then make the upholstery to echo it. Being a detail person, I’m so inspired by this!

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