Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mmmmmmmmmmm! This is a “White Chocolate and Cardamom Rosewater sponge, complete with crystallised petals and white chocolate swirls”. Fanciest sounding cake I’ve ever heard of. I’m going to try making this today, for dessert later ;-). Recipe from Achica Living, if you’re interested. You can just use circular cake tins if you’re not too bothered about having everything in a heart shape today (yes, I understand, it can get a bit much).

Have a super day, whatever you’re doing, whether you have plans with a special someone or are just trying to ignore all the Valentine hoo-ha.



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8 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. This cake looks amazing – if you make it you have to post a pic – love the rose petals on the top!
    Rachie xo

  2. Wow, this cake looks so completely perfect! I’m always afraid of trying out ‘perfect’ picture-recipes because I just know mine won’t look so good!!! Do we get to see a pic of yours? 😉


  3. *drooling on keyboard* yum!

    i’m exhausted but the goal is to make les macarons before husband gets home. will be my third attempt but always scary with so much potential for MISHAPS.

    happy val day to you!


  4. Masala Mango Mantra

    A very happy Valentine’s Day to you as well!
    What an absolutely delish cake ….I just do not know how one could take a picture of it by not making a lip smacking noise like mmmmmm!
    I wish I could bake cakes…

  5. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day! I was all a-fluster as I didn’t finish work till much later than I expected and by the time I started making it, I had to get started on dinner simultaneously. So my cake ended up looking like a child had put it together (if you must see a picture, here it is – cake picture **hides face**).

    But it was made with a lot of love and tastes absolutely gorgeous (the cardamom, rose water, white chocolate and raspberries combination is culinary genius). C loves it, I love it… everyone’s happy 🙂

    @Masala Mango Mantra – if I can bake, anyone can! Just follow a recipe and you can’t go wrong with the taste. It doesn’t matter how it looks when you assemble it, it’s the love put into your creation that counts (so I tell myself :p)

  6. C

    Hmmm… cake for dinner tonight too 🙂

  7. Debra J

    Oh that looks scrumptious!! I don’t find a lot of use for my cardamom pods… so I’ll try this! Yours looks like it turned out well! x

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