Gorgeous in green

I’m seeing green. Literally. I’ve been noticing accents of green popping up over the last couple of months. I don’t mean derivatives of green like olive and lime, I mean a rich, saturated, lush, jewel green (which makes me think of the Amazon). And not just in interiors… even the ladies in vogue are draping themselves in this luscious emerald green.


If we’ve seen it on the red carpet, you know we’ll see more of it in interiors. So here are some examples on how to use this gorgeous hue to a stunning effect –

See what I mean about my association of this green with the Amazon?


Sitting pretty with natural textures




The green chair turns this room from fab to FAB!


I feel rejuvenated just looking at this image! The colours of wood, leaves and water are brilliant together. And how amazing are the supersized shelves?!


What do you think of this strong lush colour? Would you try it in your decor? If you do, use lots of white and it’ll be hard to go wrong!


Interior images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5



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9 responses to “Gorgeous in green

  1. the last image!!! this combo with the turquoise is so ALIVE. i’ve never used jewel green in a room–only varieties of hunter which the males liked but always felt like someone else’s space for me.

    cold and miserable here so i’ll be dreaming of green!


  2. Sue

    Oooh greeeen! Funny, as a child I used to say green was my favourite colour and I loved drawing trees and grass yet as an adult I rarely use it. I think I have had a bit of an old-fashioned association with it, but that’s gone thanks to you and this post šŸ™‚ These photos are beautiful, the green is so vibrant! That coffee table is pretty cool. My favourite is the last picture – green and turquoise, such an awesome combination!

  3. My school uniform was bottle green so it’s left me with ambivalent feelings. These *are* completely gorgeous images though. I may find myself persuaded!

    Is it just me or does Angelina Jolie get thinner and thinner every time I look?


  4. Oooh…and I just saw my button on your sidebar. Thank you!!


  5. escapist

    what an excellent choice of pics! really great post…

  6. Ally

    I’ve also not had the best of feelings about a pure green like that but these images have blown me away! They look brilliant, and I might be convinced to have a SMALL piece of green somewhere (maybe a little art piece?)… then see how I feel about it.

    Modern Country Style – I think the same, some curves would look great on her, stick thin is not a good look!

  7. Thank you for all your comments! And lovely to meet you, escapist!

    @Michele, @Sue, @Sarah and @Ally – I haven’t been one for this type of green either (was more an olive girl), so when I started coming across these images, I was surprised at how stunning I thought the green looked.

    @Michele and @Sue – The green and turquoise image blew me away too! If I stare at it long enough, I feel as refreshed as having been on a weekend away (nearly).

    @Sarah and @Ally – about Angelina, yes the poor woman with all her riches should eat and smile more. Then she would look truly breathtaking.

  8. Rachie

    You always have the best pics! I really like green – we have a kind of bright olive in our kitchen but want to try this emerald shade now ! X

  9. Ooooh… I love emerald green! Great post!

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