Happy weekend!


The Six Nations starts today, so that’s my weekend thing with my hubby and his friends. Yes, I am a rugby fan. A girl-friend of mine calls it arse-sniffing and can’t understand the appeal, but really, it’s a brilliant – if brutal – sport.

I started watching it to impress Colin when we were dating 😉 (thank goodness he isn’t too bothered about football!). It worked, because he asked me to marry him… eventually. The desire to impress turned into a genuine interest for the game and also, there’s no denying, there is a fair bit of eye-candy for a gal. 😛

Hope you all have a great weekend, whether you’re scrumming or not (er, no dodgy thoughts)!

I know Colin will love me a little bit more for paying homage to rugby here!




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7 responses to “Happy weekend!

  1. I remember pretending to like football when I first start going out with my husband! How funny!

    I found out years later that he’d pretended to like shopping to please me!! Too sweet!


  2. Rich

    You’re a rugby fan?? Well… 🙂 Good game last night, wasn’t it?

  3. Hahaha! The things we do for our men. I pretend to be interested in Formula 1 for mine… I’m waiting for it to turn into genuine interest, perhaps there is hope yet! 😉

    Enjoy your weekend and drop by my blog when you can pull yourself away from men in tight trousers 😉 I left a wee pressie for ya hun xxx

    • Are you trying to say that watching impractical fast cars going round a track 60 times doesn’t turn you on? 😮 I suppose the technology is interesting at least…
      You sweetheart! Thank you thank you thank you for the award, I am honoured and thrilled!

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