Valentine’s Day ideas

Well it’s February which means Valentine’s Day is not far off. If you are thinking of doing something special but are still stuck for ideas, there’s still time to save the day! Here’s a round-up of some of my favourite ideas from around the blogosphere and the rest of the internet.



I love you more than… shoes? coffee? Sky+? Whatever your sentiment, these gorgeous hand-cut cards will convey it beautifully. Available from Folksy shop Storeyshop.


Lovely way to express your feelings :-D. Available at Lazy Oaf. (discovered via Domestic Sluttery)


This postcard is made of soft lightweight wood and is a unique way of sending a message. Write your message on the postcard side as normal and carve/scratch a lovey-dovey design on the other side (with keys or similar). Its 5mm thick and weighs only 45g so all you need is a little first class stamp to post. (Don’t use second class, you don’t want to look cheap.) Available at SUCK UK. (discovered via Domestic Sluttery)


Making a stand against all the Valentine’s Day hoo-ha? Just remember to take a bacon sandwich too (or it will be a little pointless) and enjoy a nice cuddle on the sofa away from all the commercialisation of the day. Available from Etsy shop 4four. (discovered via Domestic Sluttery)


Presents – you can get flowers, chocolates and teddies if you like, but something more imaginative is sure to keep you in the good books for a while!


A gorgeous hand-pulled screen print from More Than Words carries the sweetest message, sure to make anyone melt! (discovered via Life.Style.etc)


Very cute! Available from Etsy shop yumalum.


This little framed heart made from a recycled antique book is just darling! Available from Etsy shop Sarah&Bendrix.


Make stuff – nothing shows thoughtfulness more than giving something you’ve made yourself, plus your wallet will be happier.


Take a pack of cards and turn it into something completely adorable and romantic. Make sure you factor in the time it might take to think of 52 reasons! Idea from Craftster. (discovered via Design Happens)


A little origami heart… so very sweet! Instructions to make this at Eat Drink Chic. (discovered via Design Happens)


Fortune cookies or just romantic message cookies, you pick. See A Chi Chi Affair for a recipe. For that special touch, dip them in chocolate and/or sprinkle with little hearts. (discovered via Design Happens)


I love this – make cupcakes just the way you like them (easy-peasy), make some flags according to the occasion (easy-peasy) and you have a lovely present. Cupcakes make people happy :-). Idea from Jordan Ferney.


If you’re unattached, there’s no reason to not celebrate your singledom!


from Zazzle


from Amazon




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9 responses to “Valentine’s Day ideas

  1. Ally

    You are a doll for doing this roundup! I only realised yesterday how close v-day is (I know, been living in a bubble)! All these ideas are fantastic… love the bacon card and maybe I’ll make cupcakes with flags for good measure – my kind of easy πŸ™‚

  2. YOU HAD ME AT BACON, Meera.

    adore this post and your lovely blog. so inspiring! thx for visiting my blog, and let’s stay in touch!


  3. I love all the cards you’ve gathered here. Especially the I Love You Just The Way You Are one. So clever.

    I popped by quickly yesterday but came baclk today for a longer browse. There’s nothing like finding a new blog to love!!

    Count me in!!


  4. This is such a great selection! I love the bacon one too!!! Thanks for linking to my fortune cookie recipe too hun!
    Rachie xo

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