Colour in the contemporary kitchen

A kitchen remodel is disruptive and expensive; you wouldn’t want to do it more than once (at least not in the same house), so how do you work out a style which is uplifting, personal to you and will stand the test of time?

Remember all those kitchen catalogues a few years ago displaying high gloss red/orange/lime/purple units? That was a fad. There is nothing timeless about a fad. So a fail-proof way is to keep the main units and worktop neutral (neutral spans quite a range – white, cream, brown, charcoal, greige, steel – you’re not short of choices) then add pizazz through splashbacks, tiles, seating, wall colour etc. In the unlikely event that you tire of your once-favourite colour in some years’ time, then just revamp your kitchen by painting/re-tiling/installing a new glass splashback/changing the seats.

Here are some contemporary kitchens which I think have lasting appeal, and are also lively and fun.


I am not a fan of light wood veneer, but the tiles are STUNNING (love that they’ve been put up vertically rather than conventionally horizontally) and totally save this kitchen from blandness.


Add some Moroccan-inspired touches to a stainless steel kitchen and voilà, it’s a fun vibrant space. The mix of the cool sky blue glass splashback with warm red, orange and pink accents is delightful.


Industrial polished concrete mixed with lovely sunny yellow… swoon!! The art is fabulous and that lamp is so unexpected and cute! Adorable stools too.


The floor-to-ceiling teal glass doors make this light, bright neutral kitchen utterly amazing.


This family kitchen is just darling! Using different doors and worktop on the island, lovely task lighting and different coloured chairs give this such a laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere.


I have had this in my picture library for years, and it still makes me stop and stare. White walls, white floor and sleek white kitchen make a perfect backdrop to the teal accent wall (how cool is the large bird sticker/painting?!), cute flowery rug, poptastic upholstered seating cubes, gorgeous chair cushion fabric and that ceiling light… all bloomin’ GORGEOUS!


Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6




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4 responses to “Colour in the contemporary kitchen

  1. Debra J

    Gorgeous yellows in the kitchens… Colourful family kitchen is very sweet and last kitchen is very glamorous. Great ideas! DJ x

  2. Totally love the 4th one and the last one! You are right they are so timeless!
    Rachie xo

  3. Thanks for the comments, you lovely people! You make my day! xxx

  4. I’m not a fan of the light wood veneer either, but it definitely adds texture to the walls and can really “pop.”

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