Dreaming of blue this weekend


My image for the weekend… this setting has blown my mind. There is something so enchanting about it… rough and pared back yet so cosy and inviting.

And the blue bed, isn’t it divine?!

This brilliant and supertalented artistry is the work of Glen Proebstel, one of Australia’s leading stylists. I have a huge crush.


Image source khm, discovered via {this is glamorous}




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3 responses to “Dreaming of blue this weekend

  1. Sue

    OMG that’s the exact blue I’ve been obsessing about and hunting for (for my headboard)!! I wonder what the particular shade of blue is called in colour language?

  2. A lady of excellent style! Can I see your headboard when you’ve sorted it? Hmm, there is a very rich and regal quality about the blue. I was looking through Dulux’s colour swatches to see what names might be applied to that shade… Royal Regatta (2) comes close.

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