Striking walls by Giò Pagani

There is wallpaper, and then there is Giò Pagani’s wallpaper (via Wall & Decò) – a whole new dimension in wall décor! Check out these images from his breathtakingly striking collection of wallpaper murals…

“One of my turns”



“The rising”

“Lost in the flood”


“Johnny 99”

(Do the lovely ladies make these designs seem sexier??)

Now… who is brave enough to let me work one of these into a scheme?! 🙂

Images from and




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4 responses to “Striking walls by Giò Pagani

  1. Sue

    These are so so gorgeous, I keep coming back to them. I am obssessed :p The last 2 especially, my! Please email me with some more details about these 🙂

  2. I saw this post on your sidebar. It must have been from before I was following you (was there ever such a time? It seems like a hazy memory now!!). Aren’t they amaaaaazing? So gorgeous.


  3. I’ve only just seen this post and WOW that is seriously GORGEOUS wallpaper… have you got costs/details? Love love love… xxx

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