Boudoir bedroom


Black wallpaper, vibrant jewel tones, a very cool bedside table, lotus light and everything else… so elegantly glam, dramatic and stunning!
Update: I keep receiving lots of emails about the bedspread. If you want one like that, you can buy two satin-type fabrics in the colours you want and ask a soft furnishings company to make a similar bedspread for you.



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11 responses to “Boudoir bedroom

  1. delilah

    where is the comforter from?

  2. Jessica

    where can I find that bedspread?

  3. You can get a similar one custom made, just ask a soft furnishings company!

  4. Shannon Lubeck

    do you know where the lotus lamp is from?

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  10. Starr

    The bedside table in this shot is amazing, what is the style so I can search for one?

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