Product design: Bookshelves with integrated seating

We all love to have a space where we can sit back and settle into a good book or flick through a favourite magazine. Over the years, we have seen products that combine storage for books with seating. There have been some weird and wonderful designs, some of which are shown below (click on the images for more details).

CONSOLE BOOKSHELF, designed by Stanislav Katz

CAVE BOOKCASE, designed by Sakura Adachi

BOOKSEAT, designed by Fishbol

BIBLIOCHAISE, designed by Nobody&Co


But if we’re honest, they’re a bit ‘you’re-not-really-going-to-buy-that-for-your-home’ type, and I’m not sure about their comfort levels. But there is one reading corner which has none of those concerns. Behold this beauty below – just wow wow wow!

Designed by Inbar Paradny Kalomidi, this Recamier Reading Corner beautifully combines the function of a bookshelf, the comfort of a chaise longue, and style. It is gorgeous and making me dream of a lazy afternoon laying on that chaise flicking through an interiors magazine with a drink to hand. Kudos to clever product design!



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