DIY: Painting furniture

Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Mine involved a little creative project – painting a couple of bedside tables. I’m rather pleased with the result, so thought I’d share.

You may recognise this; it’s the IKEA EDLAND bedside table. Cute enough on it’s own, but I saw more potential in its design.

And so began the project: sanding, drinking tea, priming, drinking tea, spray painting, drinking tea, sealing, drinking tea and finally, replacing the knobs with cute crystal ones… and voila! The result was a couple of these handsome little fellas.

It’s amazing what a bit of paint (and change of knobs) can do, don’t you think? And there’s nothing like a bit of metallic colour to add some glam.
FYI – the paint is Plasti-Kote Metallic Brushed Nickel.




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2 responses to “DIY: Painting furniture

  1. Penduck

    Very nice. What is the color of your walls? Love that too.

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