Living large

Fee fi fo… fun! Now that the giant yellow naked man has grabbed your attention, let’s talk supersized interior accessories.

My favourite book as a child was Alice in Wonderland (still is!). I love the surrealism and whimsy created by the bizarre proportions. Now as an adult, I understand the book is a coming of age story, but what a way to tell a story! To me, it will always be that fantastical book that transported my imagination to all kinds of places!

As we embrace more laid-back living and witty style in the way we live and work, Wonderland inspiration is filtering into interiors, with designers creating items of unexpected scale. That’s not to say you should create a crazy ‘fun house’ but having one or few supersized items (sometimes juxtaposed with miniature items) will create a sense of wonder, drama and fun.

A 2m tall Philippe Starck vase that’s more than just a vase – it can be a seat or a sculpture.

A giant picture frame standing at a height of 220cm…… I’m lost for words at the wonder of Marcel Wanders.

This oversized tea cup from Thorsten van Elten is adorable! Use it as a planter or to store some bits and bobs… whatever takes your fancy!

Large mirrors add depth and multiply the feeling of space… great for small spaces.

The giant anglepoise lamp that we all know and love… what’s particularly enchanting about this setting is how the lamp is positioned to highlight tiny things – the bonsai tree and the miniature room furnishings in the cloche. This really emphasizes the concept of scale.

If you’re squinting to see what’s in the cloche, let me save you some bother.Cute, yes?

Not one but two wonderfully large scale lamps for double the drama.

The enormous clock makes the giant-anglepoise-inspired Hercules lamp look normal!

And finally I leave you with this grand, dramatic and enchanting Atlantis chandelier by Barlas Baylar, all yours if you’ve got about $30,000 spare!


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3 responses to “Living large

  1. Hey Meera! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love these over sized pieces you have shown here!

  2. What a fun post! The clock is my favorite. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Thank you both! Mackenzie – I’ve got that clock in my “Things I want in this lifetime” list! I love it too!

    Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

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