My favourite colour: teal

Colour is all about context, and any colour can look fabulous in a great design scheme. Remember, there are no bad colours, only bad colour combinations. I’m an all-round colour lover, so it’s a big thing for me to narrow down all those colours into one that I call my favourite. Everyone has a favourite (even if they don’t know it!). Many have the same favourite all their lives but mine has changed a few times over the years… from my love for deep rich red during my younger years, to flings with magenta/plum and bright yellow.

My current favourite, and has been for a couple of years now, is the beautiful blue-green colour called teal. I’ve even made it my business colour.

For me, the serene aspects of blue combined with the refreshing qualities of green make teal invigorating and soothing at the same time, akin to the feeling of being by a tropical ocean.

This brilliant colour makes an impact whether it is used in large or small doses. Even if you really love the colour like I do, be careful not to surround yourself with it as you may start to feel a bit sea-sick! Unless you want to make a particularly strong statement, schemes like these two below are heavy and likely to wear you down.

If you want a cosy look with teal, team with dark neutrals but add in cream/white, reflective textures and pops of other bright colours to lift the space.

For a vibrant yet laid-back look, use with light creams and whites.

If a girl loves blue-greens, give her blue-greens! My eye is really drawn to the headboard – it is divine.

I adore the teal glass pantry doors in an otherwise light neutral scheme – utterly fabulous!

The little girl who lives here is a very lucky one indeed!

Even in small doses, the vibrancy of teal is inescapable.

How stunning is this peacock print wallpaper below?? Rather than pasting it on a wall, I think it would work a treat pasted on a chest of drawers for a truly unique and charming piece (see my post on wallpapered furniture).

In my personal style, I am more in favour of small to moderate use of teal rather than painting my walls in ocean colours. But I am also completely enamoured by the use of teal in the large bright kitchen diner and the child’s room above. What do you think of teal? Would you use it in small or large doses?

Do you have a favourite colour? More interestingly, do you know why it is your favourite colour?


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6 responses to “My favourite colour: teal

  1. cynthia

    I like everything in your website.I love teal/turquoise.OMG!!!

  2. Debra Russell

    Hi Meera, I see you are on a break but wonder if you pick up messages. I love this teal peacock wallpaper. Can you share what make it is please? Thanks, Debra

  3. Carol Charnock

    Hi there, I am desperately seeking the beautiful teal, ceiling light fitting. Where can I get it from?

    • Hi Carol, this post is over 4 years old, so the items featured were available then. The teal light fitting was from Next, but they no longer have it in their range. You can try searching for teal ceiling lights or chandeliers on the internet for an alternative, or visit your local lighting stores and let them know your requirements.

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