Sex and the City 2: apartment interiors

At the weekend, like so many girls, and some guys, I went to watch the eagerly anticipated SATC2. I have been a huge fan of SATC – I watched all the series religiously (taught me many things about being a girl and gave me my love for shoes) and I loved the first movie (I was getting married at the time; that may have increased the emotive connection).

But truth be told, after watching the trailers for SATC2, I found it difficult to ‘eagerly anticipate’ it – the Abu Dhabi setting looked like there would be a lot of pomp and flash, and little substance… even the unbelievable chance meeting with Aidan had my eyes rolling. I hate to say it, but I was right. I really, really wanted to like it, but the flashiness, Samantha’s OTT denial about aging, poor dialogue and general lack of a good storyline made it charmless for me.

But it wasn’t all bad. After all, there was the chic décor of the New York apartments to swoon over! “I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture,” quips Carrie.

Carrie and Big’s apartment is a confident elegant space with fun bits and pieces that delighted me. I’m glad they didn’t choose an overly large and fancy set. The space feels realistic and very well balanced between Big’s sophisticated tastes and Carrie’s eclectic style. The masculine elements, such as the clean lines of the furniture and subdued shades of grey, brown and blue, blend beautifully with feminine accessories like patterned fabrics and rugs. Even the little details, like the floral cushion paired with stripes, work so well.

Gorgeous and dramatic!! The lovely Katie Ridder wallpaper, the gold-striped mid-century lamps, the curved mirror, the teal bottle, even the butterfly cloche – all so stunning together!

There is such an interesting variety of textures and patterns in the dining room and kitchen. I love the Lee Jofa print fabric on the upholstered chairs and how fabulous are the metallic blue oval tiles for the kitchen splashback (from Heath Ceramics)?

The colours and eclectic theme continues into the bedroom, with soft neutral hues accented with blue curtains with a pretty trim. Sumptuous textures and lots of soft cushions make it look and feel luxurious and comfortable.

I would do anything to have a walk-in space like this, but I think they made it rather sombre and serious. A bit of colour, pattern and better lighting would’ve jazzed it up into a glamorous and fabulous space.

It was lovely to see Carrie’s old apartment again – very much an “aaawwww” moment. It is such a darling space, and if it were mine, I don’t think I would ever completely give it up either.

The blue walls are offset beautifully by the whites and creams; purple and bright floral accents work in harmony with the blue; and the eclectic mix of furniture is classic Carrie. A gorgeous space – fresh, feminine and fun.

And finally, the much-loved space that is probably the sole reason all us girls aspire to having walk-ins.

Images from Elle Decor and CasaSugar



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